Surprise - Lets Eat Pie


Birthday breakfast & birthday treat

Lets eat pie! I know it's meant to be cake but we like to do things differently round here.

It was my birthday on Thursday woohoo one year older! Now I can't lie I was feeling a tiny bit apprehensive about this birthday. I'm another step closer to the big 30 and feeling like I should be more "grown up" by now. Over the last few days I've come to the realisation that growing older isn't a bad thing. As the saying goes you're as young as you feel. I'm not sure how young I feel, but I do know I feel good. I've got to a stage in life where I genuinely feel comfortable in my skin. I'm proud of my achievements and the fact that I've grown in wisdom over the years. The truth is if I could turn back time and go back to being a fresh faced teenager again I wouldn't. I've seen, learnt and accomplished too much to turn back.

With the lovely husband


Outfit details

So the exciting bit! The husband took over the planning of birthday shenanigans. I was kept completely in the the dark, I'd only been told to keep Saturday evening free. It was all very exciting but I'm terrible with surprises. I tried to get details out of him but he had become a vault!

Finally Saturday came around, I could hardly contain my excitement. We got the train into London and walked for what seemed like years (really only 15min). We ended up a Rileys Pool bar where my sister works. To say I was shocked was an understatement. So many thoughts were running through my head namely I will never let him plan anything again and how could he!

As we walked into the dusky half empty pool bar, the husband asked me if I was ok and would like a drink. I couldn't bring myself to speak but remember thinking;  are you serious? Am I ok and do I want a drink? You bring me to Rileys for my "surprise" birthday thing and that is all you have to say!

We hung around at Rileys for a while, with my husband scurrying away every few minutes to take phone calls. I was then told that the rest of our party had got lost and we had to leave immediately to meet them. I was bundled out of Rileys and into a taxi. Off we zipped through the London traffic. It was all so confusing and of course I wasn't getting any answers.

Friends and family

Hubby & not so lil sis

The next thing I knew the taxi pulled up outside of The Mango Tree restaurant. My mouth fell open and I glanced over at Lee, who was grinning like a cheshire cat. That was all the reassurance I needed, thank God my birthday surprise was not going to be at Rileys. As we walked into the restaurant I was blown away to see friends and family members smiley faces, all gathered to wish me a happy birthday.

Once we were all seated the husband told me that the original plan was for my sister and two friends meet us at Rileys with a birthday banner, so it looked like that was going to be my birthday venue. However my friends are pretty much always late, so we arrived and they weren't there. To be honest it didn't matter as I was so shocked that he had taken me to Rileys.

I've been wanting to go to The Mango Tree for ages so was over the moon. The food and cocktails were amazing, if you like Thai food then it's a must.

After dinner a few of us were up for a bit more revelling so we headed over to The Thomas Cubitt for pudding and drinks.

Group photo - erm... why am I holding a shoe?

Cheers - Sambuca!

My mum & my friend "yuck Sambuca" me "yeah Sambuca"

After we'd eaten too much pudding and drank more than enough wine it was time for bed.

I had such a great time, thank you to all my lovely friends and family for making it so special. Of course a massive THANK YOU to that super husband of mine for organising it all!

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