Today I'm Wearing ~ A Floral Kimono

Kimono HM (in the sale for a super bargain £3.99 from £19.99) * White vest Primark * Jeans HM * Jewelled necklace Marks and Spencer * colourful necklace HM * Bangle House of Harlow from ASOS

I'm going to kick of with a sincere apology for not doing a full on outfit post - poses and all. I do however have a good reason. I've got a pretty busy day ahead running errands, whipping up some fashion DIY bits and attempting to fit in a gym session. With all that going on, I didn't want to miss a blogging day so I thought I'd still go ahead and share today's outfit.

I fell in love with this Kimono mainly because it was on sale, but I also saw endless outfit possibilities. I have to give a little mention to these jeans I've had them for years and their one of my favourites. However I ate a few to many pies last year and they didn't fit, to say I was devastated is an exaggeration, but it was the reality check I needed to get healthy. A year on and they fit yeah! I'm not sure about the healthy part as I hardly see the gym these days (sshh don't mention that around the husband, he gets tetchy about wasting money and me being lazy-to be fair he has a point) but never the less the jeans fit. I picked this top up from Primark years ago, mainly because I loved the crochet detail on the back. I resurrected it from the back of my wardrobe today and got rather inspired - hence the fashion DIY bit's I'm going to do today, but more about that later.....

I'd best be off as I really do have lots to be getting on with, hope you have a great day - and look the sun is out (if it rains later please don't blame me)!

J x

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