Claudalie Beauty Elixir Review

I was in two minds about doing this post as I've seen reviews everywhere about the Claudalie Beauty Elixir. I decided to give it a go and write about it anyway as it really is that good.

I was weary about buying this at first as I was worried I may be buying into the hype, so I decided to be cautious and opted for the 30ml bottle.

The first thing that struck me about this product was the fragrance. One spritz and your hit with a burst of peppermint and citrus, that not only wakes up your skin but senses too.

I've been using this for over a month now and it's slipped right into my beauty routine with ease. I tend to give my face a spritz before moisturising in the morning, and then the odd spritz during the day to refresh my skin.

The 30ml bottle is super handy as it fits perfectly in my handbag, great if your on the go. Which has been a God send on the rare sweltering days we've had, when my make up has pretty much melted off my face.

I scooped mine from for around £10.

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