Walk In The Park

Jacket HM * Top Primark * Vest Bershka * Trousers & belt Next * Bag Ebay

It's our last few days of freedom before we go back to work. So hubby and I took a walk in the park today, on our way to get birthday ice-cream. That's rights it's my B-day today, and what better way to celebrate than with ice cream (more on that to come later). I had to dust off my leather jacket as the weather's not been the best today, In fact it was down right chilly.

Also please excuse my hair, I couldn't be bothered to straighten it this morning. It's a bit on the erm shall we say...........wild side.

Today I'm Wearing ~ A Floral Kimono

Kimono HM (in the sale for a super bargain £3.99 from £19.99) * White vest Primark * Jeans HM * Jewelled necklace Marks and Spencer * colourful necklace HM * Bangle House of Harlow from ASOS

I'm going to kick of with a sincere apology for not doing a full on outfit post - poses and all. I do however have a good reason. I've got a pretty busy day ahead running errands, whipping up some fashion DIY bits and attempting to fit in a gym session. With all that going on, I didn't want to miss a blogging day so I thought I'd still go ahead and share today's outfit.

I fell in love with this Kimono mainly because it was on sale, but I also saw endless outfit possibilities. I have to give a little mention to these jeans I've had them for years and their one of my favourites. However I ate a few to many pies last year and they didn't fit, to say I was devastated is an exaggeration, but it was the reality check I needed to get healthy. A year on and they fit yeah! I'm not sure about the healthy part as I hardly see the gym these days (sshh don't mention that around the husband, he gets tetchy about wasting money and me being lazy-to be fair he has a point) but never the less the jeans fit. I picked this top up from Primark years ago, mainly because I loved the crochet detail on the back. I resurrected it from the back of my wardrobe today and got rather inspired - hence the fashion DIY bit's I'm going to do today, but more about that later.....

I'd best be off as I really do have lots to be getting on with, hope you have a great day - and look the sun is out (if it rains later please don't blame me)!

J x

Music Monday ~ Aaliyah

Last Monday I posted about Nelly Furtado and I thought I'd make music posts a regular thing, and so we have "Music Monday". I'm planning to dedicate Monday's post's to what ever music or artist is inspiring me.

Growing up Aaliyah was one of my icons. Her music was a companion through the whole teenage angst stage. I was devastated when I heard that she had passed away. I can still remember exactly where I was when I was told the news, that she had died in a plane crash. I was at a friend's house as we'd been enjoying a girly sleep over. I remember this feeling of great loss and sadness and also feeling quite weird, for feeling so sad, as I didn't know Aaliyah. In fact I'd never even met her, but her music had touched me, and the thought of her not being around to make the tunes that I'd come to love was quite crushing.

This weekend was the anniversary of her tragic death. I thought I would dedicate this week's music Monday to Aaliyah.

I struggled to narrow down my selection of favourite Aaliyah songs, but I managed to choose 5 tracks that I can honestly say I really love. I hope you enjoy having a listen.

So in the words of ABBA, Aaliyah "thank you for the music". 

RIP Aaliyah Dana Haughton (January 16, 1979 – August 25, 2001). 

So do you have a favourite Aaliyah song?

Summer Uniform

Shirt New Look * Peace sign vest vintage * Shorts Mataln * Strappy heels vintage * The necklace I bought on holiday a few years ago on the beach in Dominican Republic.

Warm weather for me equals denim shorts, open toe shoes and a white T. I'm not sure what it is but it makes me feel free.

The best thing about this outfit for me is that it's casual but the heels make it feel a little more "dressed" if you know what I mean.

What's your favourite summer outfit?

Sheer Duck Egg

Shoes Primark * Bag Vintage * Dress made by me

It was my brother in law's wedding a few weeks ago and I decided to make my own dress for the occasion.

I was really overwhelmed as I got lots of kind comments about my outfit, which ever so slightly inflated my ego.

I've avoided posting pictures of the wedding on the blog as I thought it's their special day and may want to keep it private. What I will say is that it was an amazingly, beautiful and special day. The lovely couple looked so happy and deeply in love, as expected the bride looked stunning.

So what do you think of my efforts?

DIY Inspiration ~ The Split

Since Ange debut that right leg at the Oscars this year, I've been a little obsessed with the side split. It's got me thinking of ways to work the split myself.

I do feel the need to add, while Ange looks great a twitter handle dedicated to your right leg is most definitely over the top. Even if the said leg belongs to Angelina Jolie.

*Images sourced from Tumblr

Claudalie Beauty Elixir Review

I was in two minds about doing this post as I've seen reviews everywhere about the Claudalie Beauty Elixir. I decided to give it a go and write about it anyway as it really is that good.

I was weary about buying this at first as I was worried I may be buying into the hype, so I decided to be cautious and opted for the 30ml bottle.

The first thing that struck me about this product was the fragrance. One spritz and your hit with a burst of peppermint and citrus, that not only wakes up your skin but senses too.

I've been using this for over a month now and it's slipped right into my beauty routine with ease. I tend to give my face a spritz before moisturising in the morning, and then the odd spritz during the day to refresh my skin.

The 30ml bottle is super handy as it fits perfectly in my handbag, great if your on the go. Which has been a God send on the rare sweltering days we've had, when my make up has pretty much melted off my face.

I scooped mine from for around £10.

Thanks for reading

Solange Knowles ~ Style Crush

"Fashion is an extension of art" Solange Knowles

I'm in love with Solange Knowles at the moment her ability to make bold fashion choices has me inspired. To me she is a true stye chameleon, her ability to switch things up and rock different looks gives her major style kudos in my books. Most people know her as Beyonce's little sister, but boy is there more to Solange. Singer, song writer, DJ, mother, model, fashionista the list goes on......

If your after a little more Solange check out her Vogue diary here and her new campaign for Madewell here.

*Images in this post are sourced from various websites

Nelly-The Bigger The Better

I know this is not a fashion/beauty/style post but hey it's my blog and I figured I'm allowed to bend the rules-so please forgive and bare with me on this one.

I'm not usually a huge fan of Nelly Furtado's music. I do however love her individuality and sense of style. She first burst onto the scene in 2000 with "Like A Bird" and like most people I couldn't stop singing it. Since then she has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, released 5 top selling albums and had an adorable lil bubba.

I first heard Nelly's new song Big Hoops on the radio while driving and had one of those "oooh that's my SONG" moments I couldn't resist turning the volume up and getting down to some serious head bopping.

Seeing as I love this song so much thought I'd share it with you guys, let me know what you think.

Black Up Matifying Foundation Review

RRP £27

I must be the only person, who hadn't until recently heard of Black Up. Black Up was founded in 1999 and are aimed at women of colour, although they do say that they cater to all skin types and tones.

I was persuaded by the girlie's in my office to check them out. Based on their recommendation I trotted down to the nearest department store to see what all the fuss was about.

It was a particularly hot day, so I was looking for a light foundation with staying power. The lovely lady at the counter recommended I try the Matifying Foundation.

I was really surprised by the texture it felt like satin with a hint of oil moisturiser. This worried me as I expected it to make my skin look and feel greasy. To my delight it was more satin and less grease.

Applying the product was a breeze it went on my skin really well and didn't at all feel heavy. I was super impressed when it managed to stay put all day. I've been using it off and on for a few weeks now and can genuinely say I'm impressed.

The only down fall I've seen so far has been with the packaging. It looks incredibly sleek and is a good size. However the pump is a little difficult to get going as it takes several firm presses to build up the pressure for the product to flow. To be fair I'm probably being picky as it's a great foundation.

So I'm a Black Up convert! I'll definitely be trying out more of their products.

Have any of you not been living under a rock (unlike me) and hear of Black Up? I'd love to hear about the products you've used and what you thought of them.

If you want to check out more of the Black Up range click here.

Summer Bucket List

I came across the idea of a summer bucket list on another blog some time ago sincere apologies but for the life of me I can't remember which one.

Anyway it got me thinking about my own summer bucket list and some of the things I'd like to do this summer. As always I thought why not share it with you all.

Girly Time
I'm sure for most senoritas chilling with the girlie's is a given. However for me and my besties we often have to literally schedule time in our diaries to meet up. With all of us leading such busy lives and having demanding jobs, girl time is often reduced to a text conversation or a quick catch up on the phone. I'd like to change that and get some quality time - maybe a spa day or a nice home cooked meal. What ever we do there are three prerequisites; lots of smiling, laughing and great memories

Bike Ride
Now I'm not going to lie but I was one of those people sneering at the Boris bikes when they first came in. With their silly blue logo's and ridiculous blue lanes all over town. However seeing so many people going for a leisurely ride around town has persuaded me. I'm not so brave as to test them out on the streets of London but Hyde Park seems like safe enough spot. I've conjured many a romantic image in my mind of cycling around the park, people watching, relaxing in the shade, eating ice cream......
I think you get the point.

A key ingredient for a British summer is good old barbecue. Nothing beats the sizzle of the coals, smell of smoky meat and the taste of sticky chicken. My hubby's family are serious about barbecuing and know how to do it properly. This summer I'd love to host my very own BBQ complete with friends, family, Pims and lots of meat. I've never really done all the leg work myself so am keen to give it a try, hopefully it will turn out well. what ever the result I'll be sure to blog about it.

Picnics in the park
I love the idea of spending lazy afternoons in the park just watching the world go by. Combine that with food and maybe some bubbly and you have in my eye's the perfect picnic.

I do like to be beside the sea side
Brighton beach is one of my favourite places to spend a summer day, there's so much to see and do. If you like shopping then the lanes are perfect with lots of independent and high street stores. If the traditional British seaside experience is more your thing then why not hire a deck chair and watch the world go by. In term of night life Brighton has lots to offer from low key bars to super clubs. Just talking about it is getting me in the mood, me thinks a trip down to the sea side is in order!

So that's my summer bucket list. What about you, have you got a list of things you want to do this summer? I'd love to hear all about it, tweet me @renee_made or leave a comment bellow.

Images are sourced from Tumblr

DIY Inspiration ~ Denim Shorts

The sun is shining, this can mean one thing time to get my legs out. What better than a pair of denim cut off's to show off my waxed, buffed and moisturised legs.

I've been scouring the Internet for some denim cuff inspiration and these have really got me inspired.

Images sourced from Tumblr