Let Your T Do The Talking

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Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve or should I say, T! Did you see what I did there? Okay, cheesy I know, but seriously slogan statement T's are everywhere right now. From inspirational quotes to tongue in cheek I love them!

Check Mate

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Gingham in any guise is a big trend this year. From maxi dresses to the could shoulder, gingham is everywhere. I'm not normally one to jump on trends, I like what I like and tend to sick with it. So I'm pretty chuffed that checks are my thing! I already own a few gingham bits mainly shirts that always get dusted off in the cooler months.

I'm With The Band

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I had no intention of buying this band T-shirt. When I stepped into Primark it was with the best of intentions. Buy the baby some PJ's and head straight back out - easy! Thing is, good intentions often go awry. I couldn't help myself the rows as far as the eye could see of beautiful women's wear (new stock might I add!) were calling to me-I had to oblige!

Mama Moments - It’s Not About Being Perfect

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This post was created In Association With Baby Dove.
Picture this, you’re on your way into work rushing through Waterloo Station after yet another tearful nursery drop off, burdened by that dreaded mum guilt. Then you’re greeted with the shining image of the “perfect mum” - this was me yesterday! - It touched a nerve to be asked ‘Is there a perfect mum? when I was feeling anything but perfect.

Spring In My Step

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I think I may be fulfilling every stereotype here. One ray of sunshine and I'm already throwing off the layers to absorb some much-needed vitamin D. We're still in that transitional stage which is so full of hope. The flowers are just starting to bloom and the brighter mornings are lifting my spirits. 

Weekly Picks

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With Spring around the corner, I'm starting to think about adding lighter pieces into my wardrobe. The thought of the days getting longer and my hemline shorter has me inspired. I don't know about you but I'm so ready to banish my woolly hat and gloves to the back of my wardrobe (until next year that is). I've been browsing (nothing new there) and thought I'd share my tops picks for the week with you!